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A lof of conflict can be generated by simple misunderstandings as interpreting a statement varies from person to person

A lof of conflict can be generated by simple misunderstandings as interpreting a statement varies from person to person

15) Your actions and performance as a moderator will often be criticized and even mocked no matter how good it is in reality as some users will question everything you do. You must also be able to recognize what needs to be improved if there is something that requires it as nobody is perfect and there’s always room for improvement. Being able to take criticism or negative feedback while turning it into a positive thing is a great quality to have as a mod, and as a human being.

16) We all make mistakes and is unavoidable, it will happen eventually. You must be able to admit to these mistakes and apologize to those affected by it while accepting the outcome of your actions, even if it means termination of mod status. Denying accountability is a sign that a person isn’t responsible enough to admit to their mistakes or responsible enough to become a moderator.

17) You will read a lot as a moderator, more than you can imagine. Most statements that are made are often taken out of context so it’s important to be able to take a statement at face value.

As a special test when sending in your application, at the very top please add your favorite fruit with the number of your display age multiplied by 2

18) Moderators must be fair and unbiased at all times and must never be lenient on friends or unnecessarily strict with someone that may be personally disliked. Everyone deserves equal treatment regardless if the moderator likes them or not. All moderators are fair or they wouldn’t be moderators for long.

-You must have no adult content on your profile/blog. -You must agree that all your messages will be recorded at all times – it is bye bye privacy. -You must agree to behave at all times – that means never curse and never get into fights geek2geek mobile site. -You must agree to always be nice to the newcomers, even when they ask silly questions. -You must agree to not protect your friends – if they misbehave you must take action! -You must agree to never act on personal reasons -Being a mod is not a job, you must still have fun while on Wireclub

You have to be able to take statements made at face value and not infer that there is a double meaning to those statements

20) Users that apply to become a mod are evaluated on all the things mentioned previously in addition to their history in Wireclub. If chosen as a good candidate, you may be granted room host privileges in a Wireclub public chatroom so you can gain the training and experience needed provided by one of the senior moderators. This is a great opportunity to show Wireclub what you can do while giving you a chance to see what moderation is really like and if it’s something you really want to pursue or not. (here’s an example: Strawberry 66) This will verify that you have read this post and can follow directions given. Good luck!

4) Each situation is different but all of those situations require a resolution to be made with choices that have all Wireclub member’s best interests taken into account.

14) Good judgement comes with observation and experience among other things. Lots of issues moderators come across require a resolution to be made and must be one made in good judgement but without judging the people involved or their motives. People make mistakes from time to time and is something Wireclub recognizes and tries to help all users work through rather than judging them which only makes things worse and leads to the judged person being labeled as a bad person. Nobody is a bad person in Wireclub, people just make bad choices from time to time.

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